The Ohio State Tips & Tricks

Edition 01

“Branch out, get out of your comfort zone and just have fun!” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“A tip that will get you through life…Don’t argue with people who already have their mind made up. They are not going to change their minds even if facts are presented to them, Moral of the story don’t waste your time, breath, or patience on those who are not worth it.” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“Hot tip! I discovered Outlook calendars wayyyy too late in my college career. One calendar for classes, one for assignments, one for work shifts. I just hop on the ol’ buckeye mail and never miss a due date.” -Anonymous 9/21/20

“I know that with so many changes that have happened since COVID-19 shut down campus last semester to now, many students are struggling to cope with our new reality. I want every other student to understand that they are not alone and Ohio State has many resources available to help them through this transition. If you are feeling overwhelmed or even in danger of hurting yourself, please reach out to anybody else for help. Ohio State has several mental health resources available including free counseling. Please always remember that you are not alone in this.” -Michael Stemple 9/21/20

“Color coordinate your calendar so due dates are easier to see! I swear by this and haven’t missed a due date yet as a fourth-year thanks to this method.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“If you’re scared of the elevators on campus, take steps to avoid them.” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“If you are taking any kind or art history class in which you need to memorize artifacts or pictures, force yourself to physically draw every single art piece in your notes – don’t just copy/paste a photo. This is a life saver. Regardless of your drawing skill, making yourself do this ensures that you explore the object thoroughly and helps you to store specific information about it in your memory. The aesthetic result isn’t important (my notes are full of unrecognizable grey blobs) but the act of doing this is so incredibly helpful! In no time the material, time period, use, and significance of the piece will be firmly ingrained in your memory. Hope this is helpful to someone out there!” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“Visit r/OSU for news, community, and meta memes.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“Always study at minimum a week before an exam- this ensures you aren’t cramming (which does NOT work trust me I am a senior). Make a study guide, make flashcards, rewrite (by hand) your notes, these are the best ways to study.” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“I have a little guide for virtual learning this semester, so if you’re struggling, listen up! For those of you who also have 100% virtual classes, finding the URLs for zoom lectures can be a hassle. Some profs haven’t realized that they don’t Need to create a new chat room for every session. However, for those who have a set chat room, post the zoom links in a notepad on your phone or PC! It will keep you from scrambling between classes. Taking physical notes for 60-page PowerPoints helps me, since I zone out after staring at a screen for 4+ hours. Getting a breath of fresh air between classes also makes me less inclined to browse Etsy or DIY articles during class.” -Rachel Bulko 9/19/20

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