The Ohio State Salty Section

Edition 01

“When it comes to what I’m salty about, it would most definitely have to be the online classes. These classes are so much more difficult to focus on and do while they are online. COVID has really affected the school environment and it just leaves me salty” -Brandon Jackson 9/17/20

“I’m kind of salty at the fact the rumor is that season ticket holders are the ONLY people going to be allowed to get to go to Ohio State Football games?! Like hold on, football is like the only reason we come to college right?” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“I live in The Residences on Tenth and the first week here, someone sent me cookies. The delivery driver was on the phone with the person who bought them for me when he gave the front desk my name and contact info and the front desk told the delivery man he could leave it there as long as I came to get them that night. I came to get them 2 times that night and both times no one knew where they were. I came back that morning and they said they had thrown them out. I emailed Drew Leininger- the residence hall director – and each time he emailed back he made up a new story (no info was left so we threw them out, we can’t have food delivered here, no one came to pick them up, they were contaminated because we touched them, etc.) All of which were false, and as for contamination, they were in a box in plastic wrap. I was never contacted once before they threw them out. $27 down the drain.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“Talk about Ohio State approving building an 0n-campus Combined Heat and Power Plant that is going to require fracking for natural gas. It is funny that the university decides to take part in one of the most harmful and least fruitful environmentally damaging practices solely to *attempt* to reduce carbon emissions from the university. No one in committee is really talking about the air pollution it poses during the long period of time the construction will be continuing through or the environmental damages it will pose to the Olentangy River or surrounding natural habitats. Go Bucks, am I right?” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“sahi patel from perrysburg, ugh i can’t get over this man. I wish I had the nerve to talk to him… He is so hot, I hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend. i miss seeing him in my lab last spring 🙁 the good ole times” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“Why is our math department so horrible? Math 1125 professors are grading way too harshly on homework assignments. Not to mention our grades are not based off of points, it is based off of how many outcomes you can master. Our professors do not teach us how to master these outcomes, we have to learn how to do it in breakout rooms online. What kind of teaching is this?” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“While I do think students who have been reckless need to be held accountable for their disregard for their community and those around them. However, I think its criminal what the univeristy is doing . They decided to bring students back to campus and put us at risk for money. They preached this together as buckeyes message in their pledge, but all they’ve done is shift all the responsibility on the students. Kids were obviously going to party, covid has spread and will continue to. Yet OSU and the public health department are trying to force students out of their residences for multiple weeks while given zero financial assistance. OSU has an ~$5.3 bill endowment. What is the “rainy day” fund for if not a global pandemic. I know large universities aren’t the most altruistic of organizations but this disregard for the financial situations and health of students for profit is repulsive.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“ate part of the wrapper of the gluten-free and vegan muffin and didn’t notice until I saw the bite mark” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“There’s a group of active people from my floor that like to go out and play volleyball (sometimes soccer), we even bought a net, but even though we are around each other all the time we get yelled at and kicked out for trying to be active. I think people that are gonna see each other on a daily basis any way should be about to be active together.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“My Econ professor isn’t posting any lecture videos so class is just reading the textbook… and I’m paying money for that. How messed up.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“I am EXTREMELY salty at the University’s decision to cancel Spring Break. What kind of crap is that, seriously?!!?!” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“I’m pretty pissed off that the Oval is supposedly a walk zone and there are still a lot of people riding bikes, skateboards, etc and no one’s doing a goddamn thing about it. Not to mention the security patrols themselves drive their CARS through the Oval. Maybe next time, just abolish all the rules.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“It’s a real dumpster fire over here. All I do is sleep and eat tacos. Silver lining: Barrio is now open!” -Bridget McLaughlin 9/17/20

“Senior year at ohio state and we’re not allowed to attend football games. This years football season (especially the Michigan game) is something I’ve looked forward to since I was accepted here. As silly as it sounds, because college is for education and not to be a fan, I know I speak for many of my peers when I say that going to football games is a big part of the reason why I came here. It means something to us to be a buckeye and our football program is a big part of that. I think that for at least the last couple games of the season they should allow at least 10-15% capacity into football games. These people should be parents and family of the players and students with seniors getting priority and then the other tickets fall down to underclassmen after that. Have people going to the games required to get a covid test the friday before. Ask the players, they want fans at these games!” -Garrett Miller 9/17/20

“I was drugged during a study abroad in Russia in 2018. I told the head of the Slavic department what happened, and she said that she “did not need to hear anymore about it” and that she “understood the situation entirely from the email I sent her.” I asked to explain it to her in person or at least via phone, and she told me that I “needed to get over it” and to “never contact her about it again.” The teachers in that department have been equally terrible. I asked for accommodation because I was really struggling with formally diagnosed depression and PTSD as a result of what happened in Russia, and they treated it as if I was being lazy or overdramatic. I was told things like “you’re just upset because you only focus on the negative,” and “what do you want me to do about it,” or “don’t come to me about it; go to the Office of Institutional Equity if you need help.” It is soul-crushing.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“someone plz tell me why the chemistry department hates their students?? As if online school isn’t hard enough, we are just going to take away the option to skip and come back to a question on our midterms. Because thats just logical…” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“I’m pissed off about not having Spring Break. I mean what the fuck is wrong with Ohio State like do they not care about our mental health? They gives us next to no days off and a ton of work, days off are crucial in productivity. So much so that I know of many professions that force employees to take a minimum number of days off per year so they do not lose motivation and maintain productivity. Also I’m not trying to have to deal with my family for an extra fucking month just give me a week to go ski during the spring. Can’t be that hard. Days off=more productive, healthy and motivated student body. Longer summers benefit absolutely nobody and nobody notices a longer summer except our brains which go to shit.” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“OSU has approved a fracking plant on campus. You know, the fracking that produces smog and methane and wastewater and demands so much from the water supply. It’s not just “this one plant,” it’s the fact that the industry exists and OSU is a part of it. So mad. So sad for our planet.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“My RA gives no help to our floor whatsoever. Whether it be a leaky ceiling in the hallway, or cockroaches on the entire floor — the students are supposed to call the help line. She has no involvement whatsoever, not even a bulletin board for the floor. Instead, we get monthly emails. Our door signs are nonexistent since no one filled out the 12 pt Ariel font of Name, Pronoun, Major, and Fun Fact. I hear about other dorms and floors making friends, having functions, and mine is the quietest most introverted across the board. And yes, we still have cockroaches.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“High key salty at all of the professors who give out like 7 hours of readings or videos to watch each week as if we don’t have other classes to work on or study for. But even more salty at the students who defend them, like seriously dude we are on the same damn team WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING THEM?” -Anonymous 9/19/20


“This seems like a honeypot to get students to voice their unpopular and/or unacceptable opinions.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“Yeah I need OSU to bring the buses back. I’m tired of walking to west campus from 12th street everyday. They need to tell me that they will continue to not provide bus service throughout the school year because I’ll be damn if I have to do that in 40 and below degree weather ???? !” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“I am salty because to add flavoring in coffee is now 60 cents! I am poor and just want my coffee to be good!!” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“Very annoyed that our buses system practically isn’t running at Ohio State. We have a part of campus that is practically not even part of campus – the Ag Campus. I live right off campus and the bus system is my only practical way of getting there. I understand that we need to social distance but that would still be possible on the bus. Instead we have to walk 40-45 minutes to get from one side of the campus to ag campus. Ohio State you are kind of pissing me off. I also cannot stand having online classes where the professor doesn’t record any lectures or gives us any information at all. It’s “read this chapter and do this quiz and discussion board”. What’s the point in even having the professor there then? I’d rather actually learn the information please.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“My old high school this year brought back book bags and I’m EXTREMELY salty because they were a lifesaver for my first two years of high school then they took them out for my Junior and Senior year and it sucks because when I was a freshman. I looked up to the Seniors and what they had and everything and I compare it to what I had and it’s awful so much has changed and it’s bad.” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“I always get highly annoyed in group chats whenever people wait the day before the exam to say “omg it’s not open book?! I didn’t even study” or “omg we have to use proctorio?! That’s so disgusting because it’s like a violation of privacy. etc” because now I’m anxious for them but I don’t feel sorry. JUST READ THE SYLLABUS!” -Anonymous 9/17/20

“It’s the making the virtual lecture longer than what they would be in person for me… It’s the assigning more homework because they think we have nothing better to do for me… and finally it’s the using 3+ different apps/platforms for ONE CLASS for me ???? ” -Riley Patrick 9/18/20

“I just transferred to OSU and I’ve live in Cbus my whole life and I’ve never felt less like a buckeye. What happened to OSU celebrating new students???? Kinda sad….” -Alexandra Haritos 9/17/20

“Here’s what I’m salty about: for so many non-Black students who pride themselves on open mindedness and how not racist they are, they sure are quiet when it comes to stepping up and doing the work to make the campus less racist. Folks sat there while people (mostly Black students) were out protesting. If you’re able to do more, then do more! A Black Lives Matter post on the Gram and a lil BLM in your twitter bio is useless! Do the work to actually make a change.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“My RA gives no help to our floor whatsoever. Whether it be a leaky ceiling in the hallway, or cockroaches on the entire floor — the students are supposed to call the help line. She has no involvement whatsoever, not even a bulletin board for the floor. Instead, we get monthly emails. Our door signs are nonexistent since no one filled out the 12 pt Ariel font of Name, Pronoun, Major, and Fun Fact. I hear about other dorms and floors making friends, having functions, and mine is the quietest most introverted across the board. And yes, we still have cockroaches.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“Constantly asking professors to get off mute. Also, one of my professors was having issues with uploading videos to Carmen because of the size of the videos so he would just take them down to give us a “real world, class experience” in which we only have one chance to hear lectures. What about students in different time zones? Please stop.” -Anonymous 9/18/20

“I’m really loving the fact that it is literally impossible for me to meet new people because all of my classes are online, and there are no in person club meetings. I understand that controlling the virus and staying on campus is the most important thing for us right now, but if that’s REALLY the case, then why the hell is Big 10 coming back? Just something I’m thinkin about.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“Found a cockroach in my dorm. Staff took care of it but honestly, I miss that little guy. :(” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“Quarantine food is disgusting.” -Anonymous 9/19/20

“Reducing study spaces on campus but still no wifi on the oval?? Outside is the safest place to be!” -Anonymous 9/17/20

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