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Submission Topics May Include:

The Salty Section

Share what you’re salty about. New university policy not doing you any favors? Classroom mishap left unresolved? Coffee in the cafeterias worse than subpar? Be the one to start that discussion.

Tips & Tricks

Now’s your chance to save a life (or perhaps a failing grade). What tips and tricks do you swear by for the survival of campus life? Your classmates will thank you!!

Discussion Topic

Jump in on the conversation. Every few weeks we’ll have a new, topical conversation we’re debating. Throw your two cents in. It’s important to stay informed and understand all sides of an issue!.

Shout Them Out!

Is it your friend’s birthday? Have a favorite professor? Love someone’s tips and/or tricks in our newsletter? Let us know who deserves a shout out and why!

Rate or Berate

For every professor we love, there’s a score of professors we hate. This is your prompt to tell the community how you feel about your professors, and why. To Rate or Berate… that is the question.

Featured Student

We know how important it is to give yourself credit where credit is due. Submit yourself or someone you know for a chance to be spotlighted. We’d love to show you off to inspire your fellow students!

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